Please note before you download anything be aware of other things such as the google tool bar get downloaded and installed at the same time.  If there are any questions with a tick box read carefully to avoid installing anything you dont want or need.

If you have 10 PC’s or less you can use Microsoft Security Essentials for your anti virus and Anti Malware protection, for Free!

Download it here:-

Adobe Acrobat Reader to enable you to open pdf’s:-

WinRAR to open Zip files and ISO files etc n.b. make sure you download the 32bit version unless you know you have got 64bit windows

If you are not sure if winbdows is up to date click here

If your PC keeps popping up adverts or warnings that you dont want or need its probably malware try this to get rid

My Flyer to print or send to friends/collegues

Flyer A5

Corel Draw X5 Trial copy

EasyBCD 2.2

Simply click on the link blow to allow me to remote control your computer.

TeamViewer for Remote Support

Remote Support